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for entrepreneurs and consultants involved in International Business Development & Management. A place to discuss
business ideas, identify
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Industry Specific Trade Resources for Exporters:

(Italian Version) Internazionalizzazione Imprese - International Business Portal is a single-point resource for companies and professionals involved in International Business development activities

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Info on business events; admission tickets; booking hotels near venues.


International Business Digest aggregates all the content available on the web relevant for professionals, SMEs and companies involved in international business activities.

A piece of news relevant for your business may reside on a news site you don't have time to scan or you've never heard of. finds it for you and delivers it to one place.

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Business Travel

What the Business Traveler needs to know to make a business trip comfortable and productive.

Independent view and up-to-date information on airlines, airports, business travel accessories & gadgets, car rentals, insurance, hotels, nightlife etc...

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Business Development in Italy

Want you set up new operations or looking for business partners in Italy? We provide the assistance you need for:
finding partners, set up new operations, marketing, tax, legal, financial, administration.

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