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Why the assistance of Italian professionals is necessary when sourcing 'made in Italy' products or looking for suppliers in Italy

Over 90% of businesses in Italy are small medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with less than 30-40 employees.
Their role has been limited over the years in supplying products for the most famous Italian brands well known in the international markets.
Italian SMEs have mainly focused on manufacturing processes and have neither developed marketing awareness nor hired staff trained in this area.

More importantly, yet their highly rated productions have created over the years the appreciated image of the 'made in Italy' products around the world, Italian SMEs have not developed their own brand.
They continue to specialize on manufacturing highly rated items for famous Italian brands (fashion houses etc...). As a result their international exposure is at a very low level.

As a consequence, when it comes to contacting directly 'made in Italy' manufacturers, foreigner buyers face hard task.

They have to deal with infinite combinations of manufacturers, products and pricing structures. If you add to this landscape the fact that most of Italian SMEs are generally lacking of skills to manage international relations, you know why procurement services in Italy provided from Italian professionals are a very valuable support for any foreigner buyer interested to Italian products.

If you need to locate Italian suppliers or sourcing "Made in Italy", please
contact us with details of the product or supplier you are looking for.

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